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Lion Roars

In one of the biggest openings ever for an Australian film, LION roared its way to the top of the Australian box office on the first day of its cinema release. LION opened yesterday at 254 cinemas across the country.

Lion Outdoors

The Luna Cinema in Leederville is screening the movie LION under the stars from Saturday January 21 to Wednesday January 25. If you want to see this touching tale of loss and reunion,what better way to enjoy it than at one of Perth’s premier outdoor cinema locations, the Luna Outdoor.

Final LOGAN Trailer

It's getting close to March which means the final time we will see Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and as sad as that sounds it looks like we are going to get an incredible film to wrap it up for him. Take a look below at the final LOGAN Trailer. 


At first glance, the idea of Natalie Portman playing Jackie Kennedy seems like stunt casting. Although she has played numerous roles in her long career, nothing about Portman suggests the former First Lady. The process of using a well-known movie actor to play another famous person is always something of a trick. The substitution of one famous set of features for another requires the skill of the filmmaker and the suspension of an audience’s disbelief. It helps if there is some similarity in the shape of the face. Faye Dunaway eventually morphs into Joan Crawford in MOMMIE DEAREST (1981).

Dumbo Film

Alongside the highly anticipated release of Beauty and The Beast comes the announcement of an upcoming live-action film of Dumbo by Tim Burton.

Leith's Top 10 for 2016...

With 2016 behind us it’s time for some reflection on favourite films that cropped up over the last twelve months, and as per usual it’s been a difficult process of culling them all down to just ten. However, after much consideration and over-thinking, this is my finalised list for 2016, in alphabetical order…


It is the future. Jim Preston (Chris Pratt), a passenger on the spaceship Avalon, wakes up from his sleep pod. The ship is on a 120 year journey to a colonisation planet called Homestead 2. The Avalon is a state-of-the-art sleep ship with 5000 passengers in a state of suspended animation. Jim’s pod has malfunctioned and he has woken 90 years early. The pod is constructed to keep Jim asleep, but not to put him back under if he wakes up. As the ship’s computer explains to him, it is impossible for a sleep pod to malfunction.

Why Him?

Ned and Barb Fleming, and their 15-year-old-son Scott visit their eldest child, 22-year-old Stephanie in California, where she goes to college. The family live in Grand Rapids, Michigan where Ned runs a printing business. The Flemings expect to spend some family time with their daughter for Christmas, but from the moment they land, plans change. Stephanie introduces them to her new boyfriend Laird. He is immature, swears continuously and is a Silicon Valley multi-millionaire. Laird insists the Flemings stay in his hi-tech mansion and immediately he puts Ned off-side.