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Larry Kane - The Beatles: Eight Days a Week The Touring Years

Larry Kane was the only broadcast journalist to travel to every stop on the Beatles' 1964 and 1965 American tours he also managed to see THE BEATLES live in concert over 50 times. Larry was also with THE BEATLES through some pivotal moments in the bands history. We were lucky enough to have a chat to the broadcast legend whos been in the industry for over 50 years and as you can hear from the interview he still loves to talk about THE BEATLES over 40 years later. 

Travis Jeffery - Spin Out

We talk to Travis Jeffery one of the stars of SPIN OUT which is out in cinemas September 15 you may have seen Travis previously in the TV series GALLIPOLI and Angelina Jolie's UNBROKEN, Travis has also recently shot scenes in the upcoming Pirates film with Johnny Depp. SPIN OUT also stars Xavier Samuel, Morgan Griffin, Christie Whelan-Browne, Brooke McClymont, Melissa Bergland and Lincoln Lewis.

The Matthew Saville Interview

Matthew Saville is the director of the new Australian film A MONTH OF SUNDAYS. It combines drama and comedy to tell the story of Frank, a down-on-his-luck real estate agent. His mother died a year ago. He and his wife have been split for eight months. His son isn’t talking to him. And he is having difficulty selling houses.

David Walsh - The Program

THE PROGRAM starring Ben Foster, Chris O’Dowd and Dustin Hoffman is now in cinemas. The film is inspired by the book Seven Deadly Sins written by David Walsh which illustrates his 13 year well mission to bring out the truth behind Lance Armstrong's seven Tour De France wins, thanks to StudioCanal we had the opportunity to talk to David Walsh (who is played by Chris O'Dowd in the film) about his experince with Lance and the incredible true story.