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“Into the Storm” is a natural disaster movie that aims to exploit our fears of Mother Nature striking back, which we have all increasingly witnessed at some point or another. If you are like me and have seen the trailer, you would have immediately thought of Twister and got excited.

This movie focuses on the town of Silverton, where a group of storm trackers (Matt Walsh and Sarah Wayne Callies) have predicted a massive system to strike at any point. What they weren’t expecting were the erratic unparalleled onslaught of violent tornadoes and other systems that started destroying the town. It quickly becomes apparent that everyone is at the mercy of this deadly weather condition.

The first 5 minutes of the film starts off promising, in which a group of people find themselves in a situation where you question what would you do if that were to happen to you. However, the plot starts failing pretty badly from that moment on.

To put it nicely, the script is bad. It may be a disaster movie but that shouldn’t mean that the story needs to be so one dimensional and weak. It plays on the clichés too much; the female scientist missing her family, male boss that is expecting everyone to get the shot no matter the cost, the widowed father that is having issues with his eldest son, while the youngest is the “prankster”. There are also the typical “jackass” type of characters that think it’s “cool” to get close to a tornado.  There is literally nothing further to any of the characters. Which is why the audience won’t care when they get hurt or killed.

With that being said, there is a character that gets room to develop – the storm.  One of the best aspects of this movie is how close the audience gets to the destructive forces displayed in the film. The director (Steven Quale) puts the viewers not only close, but inside the tornados. It is as violent and scary as it is fascinating and beautiful. To the credit of the film makers, the CGI effects are wonderful and realistic. You’ll find yourself hoping for more violent tornadoes and storms to hit because they are the true stars of the film.

As much as I hate being rough on actors, it has to be mentioned that acting is frustratingly bad and forgettable.  Although in their defence, they weren’t given great material to work with.

If you suffer from motion sickness, be mindful when going to see “Into the Storm” as the camera movements can be rather quick and shaky at times. Mostly due to the fact that the film is partially shot in a “found footage” style.

If you want to watch this film, expect nothing going in, suspend all belief and just enjoy the storm destroying absolutely everything in its path.

I rate it 4 out of 10 stars.

“Into the Storm” is in cinemas from the 4th of September.

Best known as the international woman of mystery and the Chandler Bing among her friends. Monika grew up in a movie loving family in Europe, which meant she was not subjected to much censorship.  Her love of all things horror and action began very early on as a result.  Despite it all, she is not as big of an oddball as everyone (including family) originally predicted.   Thinks the term "chick flick" should be banned worldwide.  


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