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A Month of Sundays

Frank (Anthony LaPaglia) is a middle-aged real estate agent who is in trouble. He is reeling from the death of his mother a year ago. His marriage is in tatters. And he has no motivation whatsoever to sell houses. His boss and friend, Philip (John Clarke) can see Frank is going through some emotionally tough territory, but he makes it clear that it is time he shaped up.

The Boss

THE BOSS is the latest Melissa McCarthy vehicle. She plays Michelle Darnell, a powerful mogul who markets the attainment of wealth with a glitzy Tony Robbins style seminar. These are arena-sized events for ordinary folks who want to make it big like their idol.  Michelle’s public persona is not subtle. She is a success-driven, A-type personality, who is also a narcissist that expects to be the centre of everyone’s attention.  She has made enemies, in particular a man called Renault (Peter Dinklage).