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Supanova Perth 2015

Vlog 10 Perth Supanova 2015 - Interview Greg Van Borssum

Darran Chats to Greg Van Borssum one of the creative geniuses behind Mad Max: Fury Road.

Greg Van Borssum grew up as an aspiring athlete and martial artist, becoming the worlds youngest professional Natural Bodybuilder by age 20, a finalist at 3 Mr Universe competitions by age 21 and a multiple black belt martial artist. Once he retired from Bodybuilding at 23, he decided to travel to find the Orient to trace the beginnings of Martial Arts.

Vlog 5 Perth Supanova 2015 - Interview Peter Steigerwald

Leith has chat with Peter Steigerwald from Aspen Comics.

Peter Steigerwald began his career working for Top Cow Productions and is currently the Co-Owner of Aspen Comics, as well as a superstar colorist and artist.

He has worked on countless covers for Aspen and Michael Turner’s Fathom and Soulfire, in addition to work on Fallen Son and Civil War for Marvel Comics and Superman/Batman, Identity Crisis, Justice League of America, Green Lantern: Rebirth, and Rann/Thanagar War for DC Comics.