31st Annual ‘Razzie’ Awards

31st Annual ‘Razzie’ Awards

As the 83rd Annual Academy Awards (or ‘Oscars’) is airing in Australia, we watch the delicately dressed talents of Hollywood collect their well-deserved praise for their efforts in cinema. We pay homage to all the great films of the year. We remember those that astounded us, shocked us, moved us and made us laugh, but what about those who made us cringe, laugh at the wrong times, made us angry and didn’t live up to the expectations that was placed on them? There is a place to pay homage to all those movies that disappointed us and that place is the Razzie Awards. On the 26th of February 2011 the 31st Annual Razzie Awards were announced.


The Razzie awards was founded by American copywriter and producer; John J.B.Wilson in 1981. Held in Los Angeles the Razzies (or The Golden Raspberry Awards) are conducted a day before the Academy Awards and are really just a bit of fun poked at the expense of Hollywood and their praise of the film industry. The 31st annual Razzie Awards were held at Hollywood’s Barnsdall Gallery Theater and were hosted by John Wilson himself. They rely heavily on the input of the public as to what film or actor was the most awful and normally get it pretty correct, based on the general consensus of the public. The Razzie Award winners (or losers, which ever way you wish to look at it) are as follows:


In the category on worst film overall, M. Night, Shyamalan The Last Air bender. Was released in July 2010 and boasted itself to be a blockbuster with outrageous special effects and a popular cult manga series to back it up. However, the public did not take to well to it due in part to it’s rushed in postproduction use of 3D. The film must have been very expensive to make and due to this an extra five dollars a ticket for 3D would have seemed to be the best idea. The film ended up taking home the Razzie for Worst film, Worst Screenplay, Worst Supporting Actor for Jason Rathbone (who was nominated for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse as well) and for the worst mis-use of 3D effects. The Last Air bender must then be the most despised movie of 2010.


Sex and The City 2 also raked up a few non-awards of it’s own. Not only being stated as the worst sequel of the year, the second movie instalment of the popular Television series also won the Razzie for worst ensemble\ couple in a motion picture and Sarah Jessica Parker won worst Actress. Sex and The City 2 could have done great at the box office if it had been released on Valentines day but alas for Carrie and the girls the public just might be getting a little tired of the on again off again Mr Big story.


Ashton Kutcher earned a double worst actor award for the ill-fated spy comedy Killers and for the gift card-selling, holiday endorsing romantic comedy Valentines Day. Killers, having an almost interesting premise, fell short when thrust into the romantic comedy genre and Valentines Day felt by some to be contrived. Ashton Kutcher just didn’t have a very good year. Another actor who also seemed to have a terrible year in supporting roles was Jessica Alba who earned the Razzie for Little Fockers, Machete, The Killer inside me and Valentines Day. Taking home four non-awards for supporting roles may help Jessica Alba think twice before appearing in another romantic comedy or action film in the near distant future.


As opposed to last years Razzie Awards where Sandra Bullock, being the great sport that she is came to claim her coveted Razzie award, no one showed up to accept their awards this year. All these actors and directors stated before have the potential to do great things and have been a part of Academy Award winning roles. Sandra realized that you can’t always pick a winner. To laugh at yourself and admit defeat isn’t self-defamatory, it’s just a bit of fun and a motivation to do better. So, as we see the greats of Hollywood step on stage at the Academy Awards today, pay some mind to those who tried their best (or didn’t) and gave us a laugh anyway.


Would love to know what you thought should have been included in the Golden Raspberry Awards this year. Any movies or Actors deserve a bit of a roasting?