47 Ronin not going well….

47 Ronin not going well….

The story of a group of samurai on a quest to avenge the murder of their master…the 47 Ronin is a film currently in post-production at Universal Studios. The film has been scheduled for a release in late 2013 and stars Keanu Reeves in the role of Kai. 47 Ronin is the feature film debut for director Carl Rinsch, though it seems now Rinsch has been sidelined from the project during post-production.

With principal photography and reshoots on the film complete, it is being reported that Rinsch has been taken off the editing process with a studio appointed replacement taking over. Speculation has been that the project is running well over budget, whether this is true or not it appears that it is most certainly a troubled production, with the studio no longer happy for the directors continued involved in delivering the final cut.

Reports have emerged indicating that one of the reasons for the creative differences is that headlining star Keanu Reeves is not nearly prominent enough in the film, and was even absent from the final climatic battle scene in the closing act. Reeves is no doubt the most well known cast member in the US, a fact that likely had some consideration in Universal’s decision to step in and change the course of the film’s direction. 

Keanu’s on screen presence aside it is also speculated that the overall production was becoming increasingly difficult, the film is planned for a 3D release, whether the ongoing issues result in any changes to the current release schedule we’ll have to wait and see.

No doubt the final product will be interesting just to see the end result after all of this!

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