50 Cents For Odd Thomas

50 Cents For Odd Thomas

Stephen Sommer’s film adaptation of Dean Koontz’s novel “Odd Thomas” is trudging along. Set in a Californian Dessert town where Thomas, short order cook with clairvoyant abilities, encounters a man with a link to dark and malicious forces. There isn’t much known about the production as yet, filming has started in Mexico, with a vague release date set in 2012, that it will be directed by Stephen Sommers, co written by Dean Koontz himself and some casting has been announced, with Anton Yelchin, Tim Robbins and Wilem Dafoe on board. It is the latest spot of news however, that has me a bit puzzled.

The latest talent to join the ranks is none other than the loveable gun toting rap artiste 50 Cent (or Curtis Jackson). Cent will be portraying the character a character named Shamus Cocobolo, a blind DJ who will help the hero of the film uncover a satanic plot. Although as strange as this announcement seems, Mr Cent is more of an actor nowadays and may even apply a little sass to the film. That’s all I can say, we will just have to wait and see if he will play it serious (like we know he can) or wether they will use his status a gimmick.

Stay Tuned. 

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