A Nightmare on Elm Street

A Nightmare on Elm Street

All horror fans know that nothing ever truly ends in this popular genre, new layers, twists and ideas just get added.

With that, we bring you news of New Line Cinema reviving A Nightmare on Elm Street, five years after the last attempt by Platinum Dunes. While the 2010 version, starring the brilliant Jackie Earle Hale as Krueger, was a box office hit, critics and hardcore fans of the original were unforgiving with their criticism towards the film. If you belong to that group then now is the time to perhaps rejoice. New Line Cinema has announced that the 2010 movie will be completely ignored in favour of a “fresh take”.

While no plot details have been released so far, we do know that David Leslie Johnson (Orphan) is writing the script.  

As for whom will play the iconic gloved killer – there have been whispers going around about the actors “short listed” and let’s just say, the list is horrifying in a really bad cringe worthy way. At this point, according to the man himself, there is very little chance of Robert Englund returning and Jackie Earle Haley was praised for his darker take on the Krueger character by almost everyone. The casting choice should be a no brainer for the studio and the film makers here.

No release date has been confirmed so far.


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