A World of Comedy Shorts

A World of Comedy Shorts

We, the writers of AccessReel do a variety of things. Mostly legal. Mostly respectable. Sometimes, we even do things that are film-related.

On this occasion we, is specifically me. In the interest of full disclosure, I need to tell you, my fellow AccessReelers, that I am the Program Manager for the upcoming Over The Fence Comedy Film Festival. “So, Phil, what the heck is the Over The Fence Comedy Film Festival?” I’m glad you asked.

For 14 years, this Western Australian based festival has been inviting new talent to enter short comedy films. This year the Festival drew 160 entries. 13 of these have been chosen for the final program. The show itself will run just over two hours with an intermission.

This year’s line up of short films includes shorts from the US. UK, Canada, South Korea and Australia;  there’s a blaxploitation parody, a paranormal detective, a father with a point to make to his ungrateful family, some troublesome cows, a reluctant bride, a forgetful groom and a Dickensian tea boy.

Zombie Monologues, is the story of a vegetarian zombie who doesn’t want to follow the pack. 0507 is a short from UK that shows how much can be said in 2 minutes.  The Dinner Meeting is the only West Australian film to be selected for this year’s Festival. The film is directed by Antony Webb and written by Ethan Marrell. It’s a black comedy thriller that takes a normal dinner date to a whole new level. Marrell said, “The Over the Fence offers film makers a chance to gain exposure for their film as well as gauge the reaction from a local audience.”

Over the Fence has 4 screenings in May at Cinema Paradiso; 8:50pm on Saturday 21st, Thursday 26th and Friday 27th and a Sunday matinee on the 22nd May at 4pm. Tickets are on sale now through lunapalace.com.au or go to overthefence.com.au. Further program details here

I hope to see you there – until then have alook at the trailer.

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