Access Reel Reviews: Paul

Access Reel Reviews: Paul

Paul follows a pair of British Comic Book enthusiasts as they travel through America attending Comic Cons and UFO sights, relishing in their science fiction fantasies. That is until they meet a real alien named Paul, who is on the run and needs their help. Paul is a sci- fi comedy from the director of Superbad and Adventureland, starring genre favourites Simon Pegg,  Nick Frost, Seth Rogen, Bill Hader and Jason Bateman.

I must admit I am fairly biased towards this movie, being a massive Science Fiction geek and comic enthusiast myself I absolutely loved the character’s energy towards their surroundings. I loved all the quirky pop culture references and I loved the humour because I can relate completely to it. I was Paul’s target audience and I got it. Unfortunately most of the humour and clever references will be lost on most people and they may find it fairly simplistic and silly. At first the sound of Seth Rogen’s bellowing voice coming from such a small creature was a bit off putting but Paul’s charm completely wins you over and he becomes so cool you engage with him even better than Pegg and Frost. The film’s simplicity then becomes unimportant after you realize that the relationships created are actually quite unique.

The comedy, as expected, was greatly timed. It never felt forced and all the characters interacted naturally together (apart from an awkwardly random subplot involving hillbillies). Simon Pegg and Nick Frost play their roles effortlessly because I believe they were playing themselves, and Kristen Wiig has so much charm that she can pretty much say anything and we still think she is cute. There are so many characters in this film but it doesn’t matter because they all serve their purpose and are all part of the ride. Even some dodgy effects involving the Alien Paul are forgiven because he is just so damn cool.

The trailer to paul, only displayed the funny and silly elements of the film, sure the silly moments are a great laugh but I believe Paul’s strongest point lies in it’s ability to relate to the audience. Paul is a throwback to the great 80s science fiction flicks we loved as children, but weren’t too childish to not still love as adults. The nostalgia isn’t created by the vast amount of pop culture references but through the universal story represented, a simple and effective formula that always seems to capture the imagination of a wide eyed, prepubescent science fiction nut. Paul is a film that represents what happens when those nuts grow older, invent new habits and new responsibilities but always carry that wonder with them into adulthood. It’s a love song to our memories of sitting on the couch with our mate watching Flight Of The Navigator for the millionth time. Only offensive to one group in particular, Paul, although still a film for adults, appeals to so many people. It could have been timeless if it weren’t for all the references but I wouldn’t have it any other way

I give Paul 5 stars out of 5.

Paul will be out in Cinemas 14th of April.