The Interviews Podcast

The Interviews Podcast

Over the past seven years, has done approximately 200 interviews. They come to us in a variety of ways, some are given to us by the film studios, others come from our friends at Supanova Comic Con & Gaming.  Recently, we’ve been looking at our backlog and wondering what to do with all this great material. We didn’t want to let it disappear into the ether and so The Interviews Podcast was born!

You can find it now streaming on iTunes and Soundcloud.

We have launched with three episodes; our interviews with Lea Delaria for Disney/Pixar’s Cars 3, Ansel Elgort for Baby Driver and the latest Nicholas Hamilton for IT. Every week, we will either be releasing a new interview or one from the archives. Our next new interview is with Sylvia Hoeks for the upcoming Blade Runner 2049  and will be online closer to the film’s release.  Then we have some choices to make. We could visit our back catalogue and our chat with Tom Hiddleston when he was in Sydney for the first Thor movie, or perhaps Jason Segel and Kermit the Frog when the Muppets movie was released back in 2011… or maybe something else, there’s almost too much to choose from…

All of our interviews will always be available on, but for those who love to listen to podcasts, now they’re a bit more accessible.

To find us on iTunes/Podcasts or on Soundcloud just search for Every now and then, we may do a special episode, but for now enjoy The Interviews!

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