AccessReel Interviews – Amy Acker – Perth Supanova 2011

AccessReel Interviews – Amy Acker – Perth Supanova 2011 attended Perth Supanova 2011 to meet a few of the guests plus to enjoy the event, I had a fanastic day hanging out with some of the guests, including standing next to Larry Hagman at the Urinal and me saying ‘I’m peeing with JR’ then both of us having a laugh! Well we managed to interview two of the guests the first up is Amy Acker, most of you guys know her from Angel and Dollhouse but she has quite the impressive resume of guest spots on shows such as ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and ‘No Ordinary Family’.

We had organised to talk to Amy after her Panel, but since she had quite the line of people waiting for her Autograph she asked if it was okay if she went and did that first and of course I’m not going to say, no.. So we hung out upstairs on the balcony next to the Guest Lounge and waited for her to sign autographs for a few hours then we got to sit down. For starters she was all smiles and fantastic to talk to and just an incredible cuteness and for my cameraman Matt, who seemed more excited then me to interview her he was just so smitten and totally forgot to set up the camera pulled up a chair and sat next to her… Hilarious, so after I managed to drag Matt back behind the camera this is what we got.

You can watch the interview via the embedded youtube below. We also have pretty much her entire panel, not sure if we will post that up as yet, but for now heres a photo of me and Amy just after the interview.

Amy Acker