AccessReel Reviews – A Few Best Men

AccessReel Reviews – A Few Best Men

Prenuptial comedy about an Australian-based wedding that hurtles into havoc when the groom’s incompetent “best men” arrive. After English chap David announces his impulsive engagement to Aussie lass Mia, whom he only just met on vacation, his three mates dedicate themselves to attending his marriage, only to cause a chaotic chain-reaction between cultures.

From the director of the acclaimed Aussie film ‘Pricilla, Queen of the Desert’ comes ‘A Few Best Men’, a comedy involving a crossover of cultures, love at first site, and mateship.

Writer Dean Craig who’s previous works include 2010’s ‘Death at a Funeral’ has delivered a very funny script with an interesting and fun twist which takes on a generally  straight forward setting and spices it up. Initially the film is a little flat as it sets up the premise and runs through introducing the various character’s, however once it reaches its destination the pacing picks up and continues to gain momentum exponentially as the events spiral more and more out of control.

The comedy throughout the film appeals to a zany sense of humor, with the gags coming more frequently and escalating as the film progresses. The effective transfer of comedy from script to screen is dependent upon the performances of the cast and the central four English characters present a great chemistry on screen as they play well off one another delivering witty and funny dialogue exchanges. Olivia Newton-John really hams it up with little holding her back from taking things well over the top, but with the crazy events going on around her character, her performance fits right in with the rest of the film.

‘A Few Best Men’ is a great example of making the most of a simple and small concept, with the vast majority of the film taking place at one setting, within a few different scenes and without a grand plot, or high budget this film delivers some enjoyable entertainment with a funny script and good performances.

The main event of the film takes place among the Blue Mountains, there’s good use of the scenic location providing some impressive backgrounds to some of the sequences in the film. There’s also effective use of the crossover of cultures in the film, with the main group of characters from the UK finding themselves in unfamiliar territory in country New South Wales.

‘A Few Best Men’ is a very enjoyable Aussie comedy, and one that is a real crowd pleaser, with funny and likeable characters the comedy effectively capitalises on various Australianisms, never taking itself too seriously and delivering a good time to the audience.

I’m giving it 3.5 out of 5 stars, it will be released in cinemas across Australia from Thursday 26 January 2012.