AccessReel Reviews – Buried

AccessReel Reviews – Buried

There’s not very often I walk out of a film feeling claustrophobic and a somewhat lack of oxygen but BURIED made me feel both those things. Ryan Reynold’s stars in the upcoming movie BURIED, the story is based around the character Paul Conroy a Truck Driver in Iraq who wakes up buried alive with just a mobile phone, Zippo lighter and a Knife.

The entire film is based in this box and for some reason it really works, Reynold’s gives an amazing performance even when the screen is completely blacked out you can hear him breathing or wheezing under the lack of oxygen, every movement is heard also if his elbow hits the side of the box you feel it. Rodrigo Cortes the director really threw me a curveball its a rare occasion I feel invested in a character, in this instance within about 40minutes into the film I started to feel everything Conroy was feeling his happiness, frustration, sadness and some of the ordeal’s this man had to go through just to talk to someone in the situation he was in really did start to upset me.

There should be a real curiosity around this film for anyone who loves movies. If you want a suspense thriller were you can feel everything the character is feeling and get extremely invested into the plight of this man who has been forced into an unbelievable situation then BURIED is the movie for you. BURIED has raised the bar when it comes to a suspense thriller it would make Hitchcock extremely proud.

BURIED is in Cinema’s on the 7th of October, I give it 4 out of 5 Stars.

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