AccessReel Reviews – Chalet Girl

AccessReel Reviews – Chalet Girl

High society heart throb Ed Westwick plays Jonny, the love interest for the less than refined Kim (Felicity Jones). Kim, professional skateboarder, turned fast food assistant, turned Chalet Girl experiences the benefits and pitfalls of being immersed in a luxurious culture. Using snowboarding as her anchor in this conflicting environment, Kim has to overcome some pretty big fears in order to realize her potential.

I’m the first to admit, I don’t mind the odd chick flick and after walking into see Chalet Girl and counting the guys… on which I counted three I thought this should be interesting. Chalet Girl is as cliché and predictable as you would think but it’s still a pretty damn cute rom-com.

Casting proved extremely well in this film, Felicity Jones who to be honest I haven’t heard of before just oozes cuteness and charm plays the role of Kim so well, Ed Westwick from TV’s Gossip Girl, Bill Nighy(The Boat that Rocked), Brooke Shields, Sophia Bush(One Tree Hill), Tasmin Egerton(St Trinians) and the Bill Bailey(Black Books). It’s quite the ensemble cast from many different genres of film and TV and they all worked really well together.

There’s only really a few things wrong with this film, I do think that Bill Bailey was severely underutilized in the role of Kim’s Dad I really would have liked to have seen a lot more of him, Ed Westwick does come off rather Wooden but I have seen him in Gossip Girl so not much is different and lastly some story points were a bit off, relationships formed to quickly and it just seemed fairly rushed I would have liked to have seen it a bit more fleshed out, but in all its been a while since we have seen a decent romantic comedy like this one so I expect that every teenage girl or gossip girl fan to be checking this one out for sure.

The Austrian Alps prove to be the most perfect backdrop to this film, if you have never thought about going there for a holiday you will after seeing this, such a beautiful place and they made use of it so well throughout. Chalet Girl is ultimately a romantic comedy with a hint of Snowboarding thrown in plus its pretty damn funny, Tasmin Egerton who plays Georgie gets some hilarious one-liners.

Chalet Girl proves that a good film doesn’t need to be complicated. I give this film 3.5/5

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