AccessReel Reviews – Get Low

AccessReel Reviews – Get Low

Based in the 1930s, Get Low is a folk tale/ legend of a surly hermit who famously threw a party for his own funeral while he was still alive. Starring Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek, Bill Murray and Lucas Black.

Once in a while you go see a movie that you know absolutely nothing about. I was pleased that I didn’t know anything about Get Low before entering the cinema because I always like my cinema experiences to be as varied and individual as I hope the films themselves will be. I felt that Get Low did not disappoint in that regard. What ever you may think about this movie from face value or based on who is starring in the film is probably as incorrect as I was. Get Low will surprise you with how much it is not what it appears to be.

I loved the feel of the movie, how it played out like it was a folk tale or a “neo” western. It felt as though you were transported back to that time without the pretension of trying to glamorise it somehow. The set design, costume design and acting were so subtly effective, it brought I timeless quality to a period drama, which is rare. I don’t think I will surprise many people in telling you this movie was superbly acted. I am somewhat biased seeing as Robert Duvall is already someone I admire, his transformations and emotive reactions in Get Low were so natural, you believed that he was Felix Bush and he did actually spend forty years locked inside a cabin on a thirteen acre block. All the other characters in the movie were to compliment him, to cue his responses and fuel his fire. It was never boring, contrived or slow. It was a one-man show that held my attention throughout the whole affair.

There were elements of comedy of course, but the core of this film is very emotional. Heartbreaking and uplifting and at the same time nostalgic and understanding, It is nice to see a movie that is centred around men and woman in their twilight years. That romance is not simply for the young but was always for the young at heart. You get the feeling that this man’s past is a film in itself and this is the sequel, you can’t fault the logic that asking the respected veterans of Hollywood to portray people whit rich character would gel so well.

The film neither felt long or short. It said what it needed to and didn’t insult the audience with spoon-feeding the story to you. You are introduced to a small minded man who hides away, frustratingly from the world and by the end you are left with the memories and remorses of an incredibly interesting man who comes to terms with himself. The in-between is what made this film great. The direction was a grand effort by Aaron Schneider and the editing was seamless. No one could deny that by the end this film makes an impact on you, wether it is simply because you loved the atmosphere, the acting and the design or that you related to the character, who represents anyone who has ever tortured themselves. A must watch for fans of quirky dramas and fabulous acting.

I give Get Low 5 out of 5 stars