AccessReel Reviews – I Love You Too

AccessReel Reviews – I Love You Too

A commitment-phobe and a New Ager buddy-up to win over the women of their respective dreams.

I Love You Too is a romantic comedy set in Australia primarily about a man struggling to take the last few steps towards a committed long term relationship with his girlfriend. The film explores his relationship with his friends, his girlfriend, his family and with life as he attempts to come to terms with the changing nature of those relationships.

Some of the themes and ideas explored throughout are interesting particularly how the characters relate to each other, in the context of their own personal situations and how friendships and family come together or grow apart as a response to the difficulties the characters are going through.

The cast of I Love You Too all delivery enjoyable performances, the comedic elements are funny to watch and are paced well throughout the entire film always providing some reliable humour to the audience. The Australiana humour is definitely present however but not over done so that it gets out of control and is likely to strike a chord with Australian audiences.

The script itself however falls a little flat at times and the film tends to meander through each act taking a little too long to move along, the cast however manage to keep this interesting to watch and all come together to carry the film in a fun and entertaining way.

As things progress into the final act they start to get a little predictable and clichéd, as long as the audience isn’t expecting anything too unique though this shouldn’t really come as a surprise or disappointment.

Overall I Love You Too is enjoyable to watch though a little long at times, Daina Reid has delivered a real sense of Australia through the film giving it some uniqueness from many other romantic comedies which is nice and fresh, though some of this is lost as it reveals some familiar endings we have seen before in the final act.

I give this film 2.5 stars.