AccessReel Reviews – Our Idiot Brother.

AccessReel Reviews – Our Idiot Brother.

Our idiot brother is one of those movies that we can all relate to. We all have that one member of our family or our friends group that makes us want to slap ourselves in the head for how either stupid they are, oblivious or irritatingly optimistic. Our main protagonist is most of those things but not all three. Paul Rudd stars as Ned, an idealistic man who accidentally wreaks havoc in the lives of his very different sisters. Also starring Elizabeth Banks, Zoë Deschenal and Emily Mortimer.

This movie is an indie film. Although it doesn’t look like one, and carries itself with a romantic comedy shield, Our Idiot Brother directed by little known director Jesse Perez, with a very impressive cast, is very entertaining. I hope this film makes money because it is one of those examples of a great idea being pulled off correctly without the pretence of studio interference. Our Idiot brother is a fantastic film and is not at all what you expect it to be. Sure Paul Rudd plays a hopeless hippie type character who is constantly putting his foot in his mouth and causing trouble for the “mature” people around him but it is those people who make mistakes, hurt the people they love and stuff up their own lives because they cant let go and be more like him, fun loving and care free. This film is actually quite sad and moving, something that I felt much deeper than a romcom.

I would say this movie, above all else is a tale of one man’s love for life and how external factors that surround him are trying to pull him down into misery. Everything culminates in a brief confrontation that is shocking and unexpected. Paul Rudd is the master of awkward, he is so likeable in whatever he does and his infectious likeability shines through in this role. The actresses playing his sisters are also quite good in their roles each representing how your life can go wrong, based on the choices you have made. The only negative thing I could say about this movie was that it felt very short.

There was a feeling throughout the film that you were missing something, there were scenes that were noticeably cut short and plot threads tied up too quickly without any explanation. I feel that there was a lot more development involved in the characters and the plot that had to be scrapped because of time constraints. The film suffered because of this, I wanted to know. To elaborate further on what I said before about me feeling quite emotional during parts of this film, I am not sure if it was because I could relate to what was happening in the film or that I wished I shared the same ideology of the main character all I know is this film was very well written  (in dialogue and the way characters respond to each other) but I fear that most people will miss the point and will see it for it’s silliness alone.

The funny parts were very funny and the awkward parts were excruciating so therefore the film will succeed for those who are only looking fro a good time but if you want to sit down and reminisce about all those family dinners you survived and reflect on the choices you have made in your life, look closer.

I give Our Brother 3 and a half stars out of 5.