AccessReel Reviews – Tucker and Dale Vs Evil

AccessReel Reviews – Tucker and Dale Vs Evil

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is a simple tale of two hard working loyal best friends. Tucker the headstrong of the two and the “ladies man” and Dale his loyal as a dog and just as thick hard-bodied companion. They are on vacation and up to the mountains to start work on their “fixer upper” vacation home, when they get disturbed by a bunch of stereotypical frat boys and college girls, in more ways than one.  Starring Tyler Labine, Alyn Tudyk and Katrina Bowden.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is awesome. I don’t go to many movies where I am by myself and I don’t care what I look like laughing my arse off. You don’t have to be a horror movie buff to love this movie, just want to get that out of the way. It is truly something unique how it turns all stereotypes on their heads. This film deals with a lot of things actually, first of all this is one of the only films I have seen that deals with racism against southern American white men. I guess it’s more prejudice toward the working class rather than a particular race, but you get what I mean. Nowadays “hillbilly” has become it’s own nationality. Either that or this film is about how desensitised to violence today’s youth has become. How distanced the MTV generation is from reality that they have become shallow imitations of real people unable to understand the simplicity of normal life. Or they are batshit crazy.

Tucker and Dale Vs Evil is brilliantly paced. When all the stuff goes down and the poo has hit the fan, the misunderstandings that lead to the misfortunes are truly funny because you ask yourself how you would have reacted differently. Don’t lie we are all judgmental. You feel sorry for Tucker and Dale because they are really likable. Their blissful ignorance is adorable and they are consistent throughout the whole film. The college kids are the kind you love to hate, every stereotype you can think of smushed into tight jeans and stripper heals and those are the guys who are traditionally the good guys? They are so dumb, you think people like that can’t exist but in the world of Tucker and Dale, they are just another bunch of College kids.

The humour was consistent and universal, there were all types of people in the cinema with me, old, young, hip and in-between. They were all laughing their heads off and cringing at the right places. It was in no sense offensive, sometimes gratuitous but never unnecessary. Another perfect blend of comedy and horror with comedy taking over a bit more in this one. Take your mates to see this one and discuss how much you think you would react differently, but don’t take your kids, its bloody brilliant.

I give Tucker Vs Dale 5 out of 5 stars.