AccessReel Trailers – Drive Angry 3D

AccessReel Trailers – Drive Angry 3D

Nic Cage is back in another preposterous action flick. For some of his fans, his over the top action roles show Cage at his best. Personally I think it would be hard to top his Cameron Poe in CON AIR, but it looks like the makers of DRIVE ANGRY 3D are giving it a red hot go.

The feature was shot in 3D rather than post=converted. Despite the number of 3D films on our screens now, many of the live action (rather than animated) ones are still shot in 2D. DRIVE ANGRY is using its original 3D status as a selling point. This may have helped the movie get to 9th position in the US box office when it opened this week (The Farrelly brothers HALL PASS was number 1).

As the trailer will tell you, Nic plays Milton who is from Hell. Someone killed his daughter and stole his grandchild and now he back here on Earth to get revenge. Hell sends an agent to stop Milton in the form of the always-excellent William Fichtner (THE PERFECT STORM, PRISON BREAK). The southern girl in cowboy boots who gets mixed up in the crazy shenanigans is Amber Heard (ZOMBIELAND, PINEAPPLE EXPRESS).

So if you want to see Cage in some hellish action and can’t wait for next year’s GHOST RIDER sequel SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE, then prepare yourself for DRIVE ANGRY. The film is released in Australia on May 5th.

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