AccessReel Trailers – Grown Ups

AccessReel Trailers – Grown Ups

The Teaser trailer for this Film came out a month or so ago and it looked like the film had some pretty sensational potential, having all these guys together for a full movie instead of just little cameo’s here and there its really about time. 

Adam Sandler takes a writing credit on another film, I just hope this script is alot stronger then some of his previous films, but all in all it looks like a fun hilarious film. Also a bit of news hes currently working on “The Gilmores of Beverly Hills” supposably coming out in 2012, Lets hope this is exactly what the title says and Happy Gilmore is coming back! No matter how many times I watch that Film I still laugh histerically. “Stop looking at me Swannn”

Anyyways check out the trailer for “Grown Ups” below..

“After their high school basketball coach passes away, five good friends and former teammates reunite for a Fourth of July holiday weekend”

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