AccessReel Trailers – Gulliver’s Travels

AccessReel Trailers – Gulliver’s Travels

I posted the first trailer to GULLIVER’S TRAVELS not to long ago and in all honesty it looked shocking! But this second one is slowly starting to turn me around. It features alot more of Jason Segal and Emily Blunt, two actors I really love in pretty much anything! Emily Blunt is also one of stars in the upcoming WILD TARGET that Leith reviewed earlier tonight.

Check out the trailer below and tell me your thoughts? It hits Australian Cinema’s on the 26th December.

In this contemporary re-imagining of Jonathan Swift’s classic tale, Jack Black stars as Lemuel Gulliver, a struggling writer who works as a mail delivery person at The Times. To impress the travel editor, Gulliver finally ventures into uncharted waters – on a boat bound for the Bermuda Triangle. But the storm-tossed voyage lands him on a very different kind of island, one populated by a tiny civilization known as Lilliputians. After a rocky beginning, the gargantuan Gulliver becomes an inspiration to his new 6-inch-tall friends and they begin to learn from one another. Leading the Lilliputians to a victory over their neighbouring island nemesis, Gulliver must still combat a mechanical giant – and come to terms with his own shortcomings – to finally emerge  from his own little world.


Darran loves watching movies, listening to movies and generally everything movies which is mainly the reason why he started and roped some friends in to help him.. Favorite Films: Star Wars, Lost in Translation, Grosse Point Blank, Shawshank Redemption and any Kevin Smith or Tarantino.

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