AccessReel Trailers – Hugo

AccessReel Trailers – Hugo

Oscar-winning director, Martin Scorsese, is releasing his first family film (also his first 3D film) this year. The project was entitled “Hugo Cabret” but is now is simply called HUGO. The first trailer has just been unveiled. More after the jump.

Set in 1930s Paris, the story concerns an orphan who lives in the walls of a train station. He discovers a mystery involving his late father and an automaton.  Hugo is played by Asa Butterfield and his character strikes up a friendship with a girl called Isabelle, played by young actress of the moment, Chloe Moretz. 

The rest of the cast is also top notch,. Jude Law, Emily Mortimer, Helen McCrory, Ben Kingsley, Ray Winstone and Sascha Baron Cohen. The film premieres in the United States on Novemeber 23. The Australian release date is still to be announced. 

Check it out here!

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