AccessReel Trailers – Insidious

AccessReel Trailers – Insidious

Director James Wan and writer/actor Leigh Whannel, the Australian filmmakers behind the original SAW (2004) are back with a new horror feature called INSIDIOUS, The movie іѕ аbουt a young family thаt mаkеѕ thе terrifying discovery thаt thе body οf thеіr comatose son hаѕ become a magnet fοr malevolent entities. While he is in his coma, hіѕ consciousness lies trapped іn a dаrk аnd insidious realm known аѕ “Thе Further.”

Wan and Whannel’s last feature together was DEAD SILENCE (2007)) which starred Ryan Kwanten. Unfortunately the film flopped at the box office, so fans are hoping for some first class horror and thrills from team. INSIDIOUS has a PG-13 rating but the filmmakers promise genuine scares.

The US made INSIDIOUS has a number of other Australian links including star Rose Byrne and an appearance by Angus Sampson.  Whannel is also in the cast. American actor Patrick Wilson (HARD CANDY, THE WATCHMEN) plays the father.

The film premiered yesterday in the United States, and will be released in Australia on May 12.

Article re-edited to include Australian release date. Comments below reflect the first version.

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