AccessReel Trailers – Jack and Jill

AccessReel Trailers – Jack and Jill

The trailer for JACK AND JILL has been creating an odd kind of critical buzz – make that critical buzz – on the numerous movie websites you can find on your Internets. There is some suggestion by snooty cinema types that the upcoming Adam Sandler comedy might not be too fresh and original. 

Granted, Sandler hasn’t attempted to surprise his audience since FUNNY PEOPLE (2009) which crammed a lot of mood-shifts in the one movie. You have to look back as far as PUNCH DRUNK LOVE (2002), SPANGLISH (2004) and REIGN OVER ME (2007) to see the comedian trying really different material.  But while we might like to see Mr Sandler doing new things, his last two movies, the very safe JUST GO WITH IT and GROWNUPS grossed more than $US250 million each. 

In JACK AND JILL, Sandler plays a family man who has to learn to deal with his annoying twin sister from the Bronx when she comes out to Los Angeles for a visit. Sandler plays both twins and hilarity ensues. It’s a return to the sort of adolescent humor that made Sandler a movie star in the first place, but instead of playing a manchild, he’s both a responsible adult AND a crazy woman in a frock. 

The film is directed by longtime Sandler collaborator Denis Dugan who was responsible for HAPPY GILMORE, BIG DADDY, I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK & LARRY as well as JUST GO WITH IT and GROWN UPS. 

The film is released in Australia on Boxing Day 2011.

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