AccessReel Trailers – Monsters

AccessReel Trailers – Monsters

Madman Entertainment brings us the trailer to the upcoming film MONSTERS. This film was shot and directed by BAFTA award-winning, Emmy Nominated CGI animator Gareth Edwards. This film was basically shot guerrilla style, 3 weeks in a truck together with just the three of them, most of the script was improvised and to be honest with you it looks fantastic!

Six years ago a NASA space probe crashed to earth with a shipload of alien stowaways on board – in the time since, a massive section of the Mexico-US boarder has been fenced off and is now quarantined as an ‘infected zone’.

Today, the American and Mexican military still struggle to contain “the creatures”…

Photojournalist Andrew (SCOOT MCNAIRY) is keen to get pictures of the creatures, but when he’s tasked with getting his boss’s daughter (WHITNEY ABLE) back to the US, a one-day trip turns into a surprising journey.

Not your average sci-fi monster movie, MONSTERS is instead a one-of-a-kind hybrid, a cross genre road movie love-story that just happens to travel into the heart of an alien-infested war zone.

MONSTERS hits Australian Cinema’s on the 25th November….. will also be giving away tickets to this film in the coming weeks.

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