AccessReel Trailers – Sanctum

AccessReel Trailers – Sanctum

Universal Pictures has released the trailer for the James Cameron produced, 3D feature, SANCTUM. The movie is directed by Australian Alister Grierson (KOKODA), has a largely Australian cast headed by Richard Roxburgh and was mostly shot on Queensland’s Gold Coast. The visuals look spectacular and the $US30 million production used 3D technology and techniques Cameron developed for AVATAR.

The story concerns an underwater cave-diving team battling rising waters during an expedition to the least accessible cave system in the world.  Roxburgh plays the expedition leader, a hard taskmaster who has a difficult relationship with his son played by Rhys Wakefield (HOME AND AWAY).

Other Australian cast members include Dan Wyllie (CHOPPER, WILFRED), Alice Parkinson (THE PACIFIC, X-MEN ORIGINS) and Christopher Baker (ALL SAINTS, NIM’S ISLAND). 

SANCTUM’s Australian release date is 27th January 2011.

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