AccessReel Trailers – Super

AccessReel Trailers – Super

James Gunn the writer of two – count ‘em two – Scooby Doo films and the director of the 2006 comedy-horror feature SLITHER is back with a superhero film.  Gunn has plenty of television experience under his belt and once upon a time worked for Troma Entertainment, penning such fare as TROMEO AND JULIET (1996).  

SUPER is the story of an everyday guy who transforms himself into a hero after his wife falls under the influence of a drug dealer. He calls himself the Crimson Bolt and he has the best intentions, though he lacks for heroic skills.

If this concept sounds a little like 2010’s hit movie KICK-ASS then the trailer will not dispel that feeling. SUPER has a similar “home-made” super-hero feel, but the casting of THE OFFICE’s popular Rainn Wilson reflects its overtly comic mission. Liv Tyler plays his wife. Kevin Bacon is the drug dealer. Ellen Page’s ridiculous level of Geek Cred (INCEPTION, X-MEN 3 and JUNO) will be further enhanced as she plays a comic store employee who becomes Crimson Bolt’s sidekick. 

An Australian release date for SUPER has not been announced.

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