AccessReel Trailers – The Adventures of Tin Tin

AccessReel Trailers – The Adventures of Tin Tin

The trailer for THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN:THE SECRET OF THE UNICORN has hit the ‘net hard in the last 24 hours. Herge’s famous cartoon hero is set to appear in a movie directed by Steven Spielberg. The cast includes BILLY ELLIOT’s Jamie Bell as the intrepid young journalist and the current Bond – Daniel Craig –  will star as Red Rackham the pirate.

The trailer shows a high-level of CG and motion capture has gone into making the beloved illustrated characters leap off the page.The script has received attention from DR WHO showrunner Steven Moffat and director Edgar Wright (SCOTT PILGRIM). Wright’s long-time collaborator comedian Simon Pegg will be one of the bowler-hatted Thompsons as will Nick Frost. Mackenzie Crook from UK’s THE OFFICE will also make an appearance. So the movie would appear to be an all-star international smorgasbord of talent. It is set for release at the family friendly date the 23rd of December.

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