AccessReel Trailers – The Three Musketeers 3D

AccessReel Trailers – The Three Musketeers 3D

Get ready for approximately the eighth English language version of THE THREE MUSKETEERS to hit the big screen. What does this latest reworking of Alexandre Dumas’ story have that the others didn’t?  Well, it’s in new –fangled 3D and it has super slow-mo action, wire-work and CG stunts to keep us entertained.

This ain’t your great grand-daddy’s favourite 19th century adventure novel set in the 17th century.  In my day, kids, aka the 1970s, we had Richard Chamberlain and Michael York in the lead roles, whereas you have Matthew Macfadyen and er…Logan Lerman. 

Macfadyen (LITTLE DORRIT, FROST NIXON) plays Athos, the brains of the outfit and Lerman (Percy Jackson in PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS) is the young would-be hero, D’Artagnan.  This shiny, kick-ass affair is the work of director Paul W.S. Anderson (ALIEN VERSUS PREDATOR, RESIDENT EVIL I & IV).  He cut his teeth directing 3D with RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE which was shot using James Cameron’s 3D Fusion Camera System rather than merely converted from 2D. In this film, which I shall refer to as T3M3D – Milla Jovovich plays M’lady De Winter with more than a nod to the zombie-fu of her Alice character in the Res Evil franchise.

The movie looks to be a pageant of non-stop anachronistic action studded with performances from great talent like Christoph Walz, Mads Mikkelsen and Til Schweiger.  Sadly, Australian fans of retro-fitted Euro-Wuxia will have to wait until the 13th of October to feast their eyes on this. But don’t worry, AccessReel will remind you when the time comes.

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