AccessReel Trailers – The Three Musketeers

AccessReel Trailers – The Three Musketeers

THE THREE MUSKETEERS’ second trailer is out. This new version is one of thirty English language remakes of Alexandre Dumas’ popular story. This new movie is directed by Paul WS Anderson and has his Resident Evil leading lady, Mila Jovovich, using her zombie-killer training in quite a different milieu. 

 And no, there are no zombies in this flick, but it has everything else. Orlando Bloom and Christophe Waltz as bad guys. Matthew MacfadyenRay StevensonLuke Evans and Logan Lerman as the Musketeers. And a whole bunch of CG action and wire work stunts.  Clearly, it has dispensed with any attempt at history and will be very silly indeed, but Anderson knows how to create crowd-pleasing action for the screen. The film was entirely shot in 3D and is scheduled for an October release in Australia.

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