AccessReel Trailers – Warrior

AccessReel Trailers – Warrior

Sports movies are hitting the big screen in force these days and maybe this film has been made to capitalize on the whole UFC craze thats happening world wide at the moment but evenstill I’m sold! The film seems to be in the vain of ‘The Fighter’ but honestly it doesn’t phase me to much. WARRIOR stars Australian Joel Edgerton (Animal Kingdom) and Tom Hardy (Inception) who play brothers who for some reason end up in the ring against each other.

There seems to be a stack of spoilers in the trailer itself, but maybe the studio has realised most sports movies have the same outcome so why try and hide it? Also Tom Hardy who is playing Bane in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ looks HUGE in this trailer, so it’s proved to me he can pull the Bane character off!

Theres no official synopsis yet will post it when I do. WARRIOR is due to hit Aussie Cinemas on the 27th October.

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