AccessReel Trailers – Whats Your Number?

AccessReel Trailers – Whats Your Number?

20th Century Fox releases the trailer to the upcoming film WHATS YOUR NUMBER? starring Anna Faris, about a girl named Ally whos re-visiting her previous 20 lovers in the pursuit of the right man. The film also co-stars Captain America himself Chris Evans, Zachary Quinto(Star Trek), Andy Samberg(TV’s SNL) and Joel McHale(TV’s Community). Faris is always pretty good with comedy plus I’ve always had a small crush on her! So I’m up for this one for sure.

In this edgy comedy, Anna Faris is Ally Darling, an offbeat young woman who decides after hitting the un-magical number of 20 lovers, to re-visit all her ex-boyfriends in the hopes of finding the man of her dreams. She’s assisted in her quest by her womanizing neighbour Colin (Chris Evans).

WHATS YOUR NUMBER? hits Australian Cinemas on the 29th September. (Embedding has been disabled, so you will have to watch it via youtube) sorry guys

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