AccessReel’s Top Hollywood MILFs and DILFs

AccessReel’s Top Hollywood MILFs and DILFs

Lets face it, age has almost no effect on those glamorous inhabitants of tinsel town. With this in mind the Access Reel team eyes off Hollywood’s sexiest Mum and Dads, presenting for your viewing pleasure our Top MILFS and DILFS.

It was a tricky undertaking, each Access Reel writer considering the smorgasbord of delicious 30+ year olds that grace our silver screens to find our ultimate picks. Though not an all together unpleasant task, it certainly wasn’t easy.


Sian Dhu Writer

Which Daddies Sian would die for?




  Johnny Depp, aged 49, I can’t go past those glorious cheekbones and luscious locks. Plus he is uber cool.





  Keanu Reeves, aged 48, the debate surrounding his acting ability aside, in his 25 year career this guy has

  made stoner teenager, undercover cop, glorified assistant bus driver, cocky lawyer and kungfu-wielding

  computer hacker all look super sexy!




Mummies Sian would turn for:




  Kate Winslet, aged 37, ballsy girl-next-door type with a cute smile and an even cuter accent. Yes please!






  Helen McCrory, 44, glamorous with a distinguished old fashioned movie star quality to her…I’d go there.



Phil, Writer

Which Mummies does Phil go wild for?




   Tina Fey, aged 42, “For her all round sexy hard-working brilliance. Just read Bossy Pants and loved it”





   Patricia Clarkson, aged 53, “This gifted actress has The Kevorka as they say on Seinfeld”




Which Daddies would Phil turn for?



   Javier Bardem, aged 43, “He’s ultra-serious and a force of nature”






   Ryan Gosling, a baby at 32,  “He has most of the planet’s estrogen in an uproar. Gotta find out why”.



Leith, Writer.

Which Mummies does Leith go mad for?



   Mary-Louise Parker, 48, “ I call her, The Goddess. For both her looks, and her character of Nancy Botwin”





  “Next up was a real debate but I’ve settled on Gillian Anderson, aged 44, I haven’t seen her all that 

   recently, but having watched her in the last X-Files film a few years back I’m happy with this choice



Daddies Leith would turn for:


“OK, I’ll be honest I’m not really sure which dudes do and don’t have children……but I’ll run with guys at parenting age in their 30’s”



  Brandon Routh, aged 33, “I mean how can anyone not think this is the perfect specimen of a man.

  I think he makes a great superman as well and am bitterly disappointed he’s not been kept in the role”.






  “Next up I guess I’ll go with the obvious choice of Ryan Reynolds aged 37.”




Darran, Editor and Co-Owner.

Darran’s Mummies of Choice?




  Jennifer Anniston, aged 43,   no explanation needed!






  Naomi Watts, aged 43, “I’ve always had a thing for her. She is quite sensational.”



Daddies Darren would turn for:




   Armie Hammer, aged a mere 25, Darran is reverting to cradle-snatching here rather than selecting Dads,

   but after seeing him play a older character in J.Edgar Darran is getting in early.





  Clive Owen, aged 48, “this man can do anything!”





What are your picks?

Sian's love for movies spawned from having a tight mother whose generosity stretched only to hiring movies once a week for entertainment. As a pre-teen Sian spent more pocket money then she earned on cinema tickets and thus sought a job at the cinema. Over the next decade she rose to be one of the greats in her backwater, six-screen cinema complex, zooming through the ranks from candy bar wench with upselling superpowers, to pasty projectionist, to a manager rocking a pencil skirt. Sian went on to study Journalism at university though feels her popcorn shovelling days were far more educational