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Advance Australian Fare

Advance Australian Fare

Film fans hungry for Australian content have a new menu to chose from (yeah, we’ll be dropping that metaphor now). Ozflix has launched on your Internet with some bold promises. As they announced: “Ozflix is a movie streaming platform like no other, we’re new, we’re on demand, and we’re all Australian. We are committed to making Aussie films easily accessible to both our local and international audiences through the highest quality streaming technologies available and we are on our way to sourcing ‘Every Aussie Movie. Ever.”

It should be stressed that the Every Aussie Movie is a goal and an admirable one and is still some way from completion. At launch, the site has 250 movies on offer. Up until now, STAN seemed to have the best range of Australian content among the online services. Veteran filmmaker Ron Brown and long-time movie distributor Alan Finney have joined forces to create the new service. The payment model is on a per film basis. $6.79 for new releases, $3.79 for classics and $5.79 for a bundle.

There is also free content created by the OZ Flixers in the form of analysis interviews and behind-the-scenes- stories by industry luminaries like John Jarratt (who talks about WOLF CREEK). Ozflix promises to never delete any of its content. We wish them well in their mission. There should be a future where Australia movie fans can find THE MAN FROM HONG KONG, MAN OF FLOWERS, SOMERSAULT, WELCOME TO WOOP WOOP and GRIFF THE INVISIBLE in the one place. The site is at www.Ozflix.tv

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