ALF to return?

ALF to return?

Some of you may recall the sitcom ‘ALF’, that ran from 1986 to 1990 about the character of Gordon Shumway, an alien from the planet Melmac whom crash landed on earth, in the garage of the Tanner family to be precise. The character went on to appear in an animated series, a comic book series, a TV movie, and a very brief talk show. Simpson fans might also recall the reference to ALF made by Milhouse regarding ALF’s new life in tazos.

How is this relevant to anything? Well ALF may indeed be making another return to the entertainment industry with a new film being in the works. While no director or cast announcements have been made, it is being reported that Sony Pictures Animation are developing a new film that will be live action with a CG version of the central character.

Original show creator Paul Fusco along with producer Tom Patchett are involved along with producer Jordan Kerner who has been attached to the recent relaunch of the Smurfs property as a big film franchise which is already working towards its third instalment.

The likely return of ALF to the big screen is a huge reminder of the value placed by film studios on projects with existing audiences to tap into.

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