Another one?

Another one?

The 80s was full of quirky and fun horror flicks that my generation just loved picking up on VHS. Full of stereotypical characters, buckets of blood, bad hairstyles and very bad guys. One of those titles was the 1986 schlock spectacular Chopping Mall, starring Dick Miller. It was oh so bad but so much fun and was probably picked up mostly due to it’s very awesome cover artwork. Now it seems FX Maestro Robert Hall Has picked up the rights to remake it and unleash it onto another generation.

The premise of the original is as follows; a group of 8 teenagers get stuck in a mall and have to run for their lives from a group of murderous, crazed security robots. Straight forward horror sci fi midnight movie. Apparently the new movie wants to be a bit edgier. Hall has stated that…

“It will retain the basic concept of young people trapped in a mall; however, the story will have a darker, supernatural spin.”

So basically he is making a movie about a group of teenagers trapped in a mall and using the Chopping Mall title to cash in on some vintage accountability. There are alot of remakes floating around at the moment, some are word for word copies, others are re-imaginings and others don’t have much to do at all with the original. Here are some more movie remakes coming out soon.

Akira: 2013

Evil Dead: 2013

Total Recall: 2012

Do you see how Chopping Mall doesn’t really fit the pattern? It might surprise us all and be totally amazing or maybe they need to look a bit harder for a more bankable concept.