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Attack of the Space Invaders of Absurdity

Attack of the Space Invaders of Absurdity

There has been great success in adapting popular video games into feature films. Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Doom and Resident Evil, although not always faithful at least had some sort of cohesive plot to build a movie from and part us from our money. Then you have the brilliant mind of Lorenzo di Boniventura, producer of Transformers and Gi Joe, who has had a hard time seeing past the dollar signs in his eyes and is bringing us a Space Invaders movie. 

Now dont get me wrong, I love Space Invaders. It pioneered modern game play and is still a hell of alot of fun when your drunk and running on a competetive streak . It is however, dangerously simple. At least Gi Joe has literally hundreds of characters with back stories already written for them thanks to the masterful toy line, how are you meant to put personality into a 42 year old side scrolling battle ship? The search is on now for a writer to try and peice together some kind of bad ass space adventure epic to warrant the 3D camera technology (probably).

Any ideas? 

Captain Drake Dalton must come out of retirement one more time to save the planet that has forgotten him and defeat the slow ascending, relentless alien force before they get to their home base for reinforcements…. to destroy the earth! No? Well I tried. 

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