The Backlot Perth’s Ian Hale launches Local Film Distribution Company

The Backlot Perth’s Ian Hale launches Local Film Distribution Company

Full disclosure I’ve know Ian since he was working for Paramount Pictures about 10 years ago and we at have been very lucky to have continued working with Ian & The Backlot team since that opened also so this is sensational news that this venture is happening especially for the local industry. Streamers are screaming for decent cost efficient content these days so its a great move. See the full press release below.

We are excited to announce the launch of our new niche distribution company, created predominantly to service the local independent film industry out of Western Australia. 

The concept was developed during the recent COVID shutdown period by local industry stalwart Ian Hale, who brings to the initiative over 25 years of experience in distribution, development and independent film production.

The company, HALO Films, is committed to supporting West Australian filmmakers by releasing feature films and documentaries that don’t have an existing distribution deal or theatrical release in place. 

The venture will be proudly launched with our first feature film acquisition, The Xrossing, which recently had its World Premiere at the Toronto Independent Film Festival, winning a Best Film award in its category (Micro-budget Feature – budget under $250k). 

“I’m thrilled to announce the creation of HALO Films and its commitment to supporting West Australian filmmakers by having WA feature films and documentaries seen in a cinema and on ancillary platforms. In particular, films that don’t have a distribution deal or theatrical release in place.” commented founder Ian Hale.  “I’m equally excited we will have The Xrossing as our first theatrical release after its exciting run in film festivals around the world.”

The Xrossing revolves around the fictional murder mystery of a young girl in Swan View, Western Australia – and delves into the resulting cycle of revenge, violence and ignorance that it fuels.  The film stars Kelton Pell, Luke J Morgan and Jacob O’Neill.

Writer and Producer Carl Mairoana commented that it is an honour to be the first feature film distributed by Halo Films.

“I have personally loved working with Ian and experiencing first hand his total passion for getting storytelling in front of audiences and embracing the now ever changing film landscape in distribution”.

The Xrossing is will screen at the Saint Louis Film Festival in November and is expected to have a small theatrical release early in 2021.


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