Bad Santa 2 is underway

Bad Santa 2 is underway


Remember that Christmas comedy BAD SANTA? It was released back in 2003 and actor Billy Bob Thornton has been pushing for a sequel ever since.

It seems we’ll be able to watch the follow up in cinemas next year.

There were some writing issues and director Terry Zwigoff revealed he has “no interest in sequels.” Regardless, the sequel is in pre production with struggles to get the screenplay right. Thornton says “It’s been very hard trying to get the script right. We’ve been through three or four drafts but we’re getting real close. Then there’s the business dealings to sort out, all the stuff I don’t understand. But one way or another, the sequel will happen and the idea is to shoot it next year.”

The success of the first film looms over their thoughts and Thornton agrees “we’ll never beat the first one, but we’ll get it as close as we can.”

With hopes set high and enthusiasm to boot the sequel looks promising. Steve Pink (High Fidelity) has stepped in to direct.

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