Baywatch movie is happening

Baywatch movie is happening

Paramount is set to bring back this 90s classic tv show, but this time, we will be seeing it on the big screen.

Today we learned that not only will there be a Baywatch movie soon, but that Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron are in negotiations to star in it. Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses) will take on directing duties and Dwayne will produce it alongside his partner Dany Garcia for their company.

It has been reported that the new Baywatch is set to be a raunchy comedy, which shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the source of the film and the people involved. While the script is still being re-worked, we do know that Johnson will play a lifeguard who is forced to team up with a rival hot-head (Efron) lifeguard to fight for their beach against evil oil tycoons. 

Efron and Johnson have tweeted each other about this project and getting baby oil ready for two today. So we think it’s safe to assume both actors are very close to signing on to star in this film. Something tells us there might just be a cameo or two in this upcoming Baywatch movie as well.

Shooting is set to start early 2016.


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