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Blade Runner 2049 Trailer 2

Blade Runner 2049 Trailer 2

The second BLADE RUNNER 2049 trailer hit the ‘nets while Aussies were dreaming of electric sheep and it has plenty of stuff that will pique the interest of Blade Runner devotees.

The story clearly ties-in with the original 1982 sci-fi thriller. Ryan Gosling’s LAPD Officer K, the protagonist of this outing, locates Harrison Ford’s Rick Deckard to be told, “I covered my tracks, scrambled the records. We were being hunted!” Also we see a presumed replicant throw Officer K through a wall, which should warm the cockles of any fan’s heart.

In addition to Gosling and Ford are Robin Wright, Jared Leto, Dave Bautista and Ana de Arias. Denis Villeneuve (ARRIVAL, SICARIO) directs the sequel which is set for release in Australia (and pretty much everywhere else simultaneously) on October 5, 2017. So start folding those origami unicorns.

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