Bond 23 Going Ahead.

Bond 23 Going Ahead.

With everything happening with MGM over the past twelve months we thought we would never see another ‘Bond’ film but lucky for us a Manhattan Judge has just approved MGM to file for bankruptcy, looks like a massive company re-structure and new financial backers has helped push all this through. Even the remake of Robocop was unlikely but by reports today theres a good chance that could be back on the cards as well.

Theres a whole bunch of websites reporting that Sam Mendes will be behind the camera for Bond 23, some of his titles include American Beauty, Jarhead and Revolutionary Road that also starred his ex-wife Kate Winslet. Kate has told the Daily Mail in an interview today that she “will be moving the family over to the UK while filming takes place at Pinewood Studio’s next year and that they remain close friends” obviously the commute would be a tad crazy for Sam to see his kids so that sounds great to me, Sam is an amazing director and It would be interesting to see where he takes bond.So if filming takes place next year We should hopefully see it mid to late 2012.

I’ll be honest with you I really didn’t like Quantum of Solace, it just had a lot missing, don’t get me wrong there is still some sensational action sequences but overall it just seemed really drawn out and they sort of tried to crank out the character developmentfor James himself… but do we really need that for Bond? We have seen him in like 21 other films at that stage I think we know what hes like.

This is a great move by MGM, Bond is by far there biggest franchise so lets hope they do this one right and with Mendes behind the camera, I think so. Lets also hope that Darren Aronofsky gets the greenlight for the Robocop remake! That’s another one I can’t wait to see.

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