Brad Pitt Box Office Success

Brad Pitt Box Office Success

Brad Pitt has had quite the career on the big screen. He’s dated arguably two of the most beautiful women in Hollywood (Aniston and Jolie) and is the featured actor in almost every production in which he is cast.

Earlier this year, he starred in a post-apocalyptic zombie film WORLD WAR Z which has brought him much success. So much, that WWZ has become Pitts most successful film at the box office in his entire career. What an achievement! It seems Pitt is just getting better and better, especially after KILLING THEM SOFTLY received an F grade cinema score, even though the film was beautifully made. Here’s the scoop;

WORLD WAR Z has no earned over $500 million at the worldwide box office, making it Pitts highest grossing release, passing TROY which grossed $497.3 million globally.

Also his personal best with an opening weekend amount of $66 million, the film beat MR AND MRS SMITH by $15.7 million where he co-starred with now long term partner, Angelina Jolie. WWZ has given Pitt not only his international record, but domestic as well by earning $197.4 million. This amount left MR AND MRS SMITH behind with its $186.3 million domestic gatherings.

Well done Brad Pitt and the success of WORLD WAR Z. After watching the film I can see why it has done so well at the box office.

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