Breaking Dawn Part 2 – How Long to Reach $100 million?

Breaking Dawn Part 2 – How Long to Reach $100 million?

 As many of you are aware, the last installment of the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn Part 2 was released in Australia today (15/11/12). It has been one year since part 1 was released and four years since the first Twilight film had been released. 


Each ‘Twilight’ film has been known to do well at the box office with its loyal fans lining up at cinemas before they open and pre-purchasing tickets to the midnight screenings despite having to work the next day. Being the last film of the saga, fans were on the edge of their seats at one of the many midnight screenings. Sad that the saga has come to an end, but excited to see what director, Bill Condon had prepared for us. 


Twilight is ranked number 74 on Box Office Mojo’s ‘Fastest Movies to hit $100 Million’, taking eight days to hit that target. With the second film New Moon at number 5 having reached $100 million in two days. Eclipse at number 16, made the target in three days and Breaking Dawn Part 1 at number 7 earning it’s place in two days.*


Now that day one is almost over, how many days do you think it will take for Braking Dawn Part 2 to reach the $100 million target?


*Ties are broken by a movie’s total gross on the day it crossed the milestone.

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