Bridesmaids laugh at Sex And The City.

Bridesmaids laugh at Sex And The City.

Female comedy fans rejoice! Judd Apatow’s sleeper hit “Bridesmaids” has pummeled Sex And the City to the ground and taken its rightful place as the top rated female comedy of all time.

I have never really been a huge fan of Sex And The City, mainly because the characters are so insanely irritating, but when I watched Bridesmaids I was thrilled about how it was just like all those gross out guy movies but from a chicks’ perspective. BRILLIANT!

It was a close one though with Bridesmaids earning $152.9 million at the box office over the weekend and Sex And The City earning $152.6 million on its opening weekend. Universal has gloated that it is their biggest romantic comedy of all time, although not really deemed as such after you view it; technically it can be classed in that category. Universal are now, thanks to Bridesmaids, riding on their winning streak after a long lull at the box office.

Judd Apatow produced Bridesmaids, which is now his highest grossing film next to Knocked Up, which he directed. Bridesmaids stars Kristin Wiig, who also co-wrote the script and is an absolute riot. Now we have the figures to show it. 

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