Candyman Returns

Candyman Returns

He might be less known among the current generation of horror lovers but Candyman caused a lot of people to avoid mirrors after seeing the film in the nineties. With the current state of reboots, it was about time that MGM and Universal Studies have decided to bring back this terrifying character to the big screen.

Current go-to hit maker Jordan Peele (Get Out) has signed on as a producer and co-writer. Universal has confirmed that “Peele will helm the spiritual sequel to Bernard Rose’s horror classic from 1992. His sequel will return to the same Chicago neighbourhood setting of the first film, which has since been gentrified”. Nia DaCosta (Little Woods) has come on board to direct the screenplay by Peele and Win Rosenfeld.

There is very little known about the cast, however, recently the actor who originally played Candyman (Tony Todd) has spoken about potentially being included in the new film in some way.  He stated, “I’ve got so many other options that even if they make it without me, which I doubt, the attention the new movie will create will lead folks back to the original [film] because people like to see the source material.”  

Candyman is set to return to cinemas in June 2020.

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