Carrie style prank freaks out customers in New York coffee shop

Carrie style prank freaks out customers in New York coffee shop


When you crave beautifully brewed coffee in the morning from your local cafe it’s easily accessible. The taste of that cappuccino with deliciously frothed milk makes you mouth water. 

Well, the customers at this particular coffee shop definitely got their daily dose of caffeine and a little bit extra. You only thought people with the power to move objects and humans with their mind lived in the movies. These unaware customers had their hearts beating out of their chest. 

The 2013 CARRIE remake starring Julianna Moore and Chloe Grace Moretz is set to be released in the upcoming weeks in both the US and Australia and it comes with a promotional video that has gone viral. The video includes an angry customer who takes revenge on another for spilling a drink on her books. We see items fly of shelves and tables and chairs moving across the room. The look on the surprised customers faces is just priceless. 

Check out the video of the prank below. Now that’s marketing, other studios take note.

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