Cashing In on the 3D Re-releasing Fad

Cashing In on the 3D Re-releasing Fad

With a rash of old films being re-released to cash in on the 3D phenomenon, AccessReel’s Sian Dhu reveals the flicks on her conversion wish-list.

Despite 3D movies offering smaller Box Office returns in the long term then first anticipated (to quote one UK Cinema Executive whom shall remain nameless: “The phenomenon will die….quickly”), studios are busy converting modern classics in what can only be a bid to ‘cash in’ while it lasts.

Star Wars, Titanic and Top Gun are some of the big name 3D re-releases for this year and more are on the way. The internet is buzzing with rumours of what may or may not be converted – film fanatics’ hopes are being raised and dashed on a daily basis.

3D is dividing audiences around the world. In America/UK it is estimated that two-thirds of 2011 cinema-goers opted for 2D prints over 3D when given the choice. Yet internationally (China and Russia to name a few) the 3D prints performed well, with just over 60% choosing to crank out the glasses.

Love it or hate it, everyone has their fave films they’d like to see on the big screen again with some 3D action – I certainly do!


 1. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)

Trippy film with imagery straight from a child’s sugar-induced coma: a land made from sweets? A chocolate river? Edible wallpaper? This surreal film definitely needs some 3D love to complete it’s insanity

Scene I’d kill to see in 3D:  when the kiddies eat the candy that makes them float – it’s the stuff dreams are made of.

2. Jurassic Park

 Even now those dinosaurs still look real. I’d love to see how the T-Rex holds up in 3D. There are whispers Universal is putting the pressure on Spielberg to get it converted…keep an ear out!

Scene I’d Kill to See in 3D: The raptors in the kitchen scene (that gave me serious nightmares as a kid)

3. Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Ok, perhaps I just want an excuse to see these films on the big screen again, but you have to admit the epic battles and stunning scenery would look pretty sweet in 3D (not to mention Aragorn’s muscles….Mmmmmm)

Scene I’d kill to see in 3D:  The Mines of Moria cave troll fight sequence.


4. Matrix Reloaded

Sure this film was a disappointing sequel in many ways, but who wouldn’t want to see Neo kicking the arse of thousands of Agent Smiths in 3D? This film cries for conversion: Bullet Time, freeway chase, Neo doing his superman thing…it would be epic.

Scene I kill to see in 3D: The soaring Kung Fu fight at the Merovingian’s grand entry hall.

5.Harry Potter 1 – 7

Shame 3D didn’t come just a little earlier. Though the final film, Deathly Hallows Part 2, was converted to 3D, this installment arguably presented the least scope for cool 3D moments in the series.

The young Hogwarts would have lent itself beautifully to that extra dimension, and the magic (which still struck awe in the young viewers in 2D) would have been even more immersive in 3D. Come on Warner Brothers, cash in: re-release! Re-release!

Scene I’d kill to see in 3D: Quidditch in 3D = Awesome. Boo that 3D came after the films with Quidditch! Though the Ministry of Magic duel between Voldemort and Dumbledore (Order of the Phoenix) comes a very close second.

6. Inception

Surely I do not need to justify this choice? Awesome, surreal imagery, wicked effects…. this film screams ‘conversion’.


7. Spirited Away

This phantasmagorical anime is crazy enough in 2D. With bizarre spirits, dragons and errie expansive scenery a-plenty, the movie is a wealth of fantastic imagery.

 Scene I’d Kill to see in 3D: the water train journey.


8. 28 Days Later

Freaky zombie movie that’s scary enough in 2D.

Scene I’d Kill to See in 3D: highway tunnel zombie chase and the deserted London scene.


Depsite being a self-confessed doubter of 3D, I could go on for days reeling off my choices, yet I shall reign in my list to just these eight. Though it is worth mentioning that you can add to the list just about any good alien-related film (aliens and 3D are a match made in heaven).

However, the jury is still out on 3D War films. No doubt the marriage of 3D and combat would offer awesome immersion, but is War in 3D bad taste…?  (unless it’s wars with aliens ofcourse!)


Ok, now it’s time to tell me what awesome potential 3D classics I’ve missed….

Sian's love for movies spawned from having a tight mother whose generosity stretched only to hiring movies once a week for entertainment. As a pre-teen Sian spent more pocket money then she earned on cinema tickets and thus sought a job at the cinema. Over the next decade she rose to be one of the greats in her backwater, six-screen cinema complex, zooming through the ranks from candy bar wench with upselling superpowers, to pasty projectionist, to a manager rocking a pencil skirt. Sian went on to study Journalism at university though feels her popcorn shovelling days were far more educational